Founded by Darlene Chimaliro + her husband in 2012, DC-ID is a boutique Interior Design Studio located in Washington, DC. We provide full service interior design tailored specifically to our clients’ lifestyles. We believe in creating meaningful relationships based upon trust, integrity and hard work with our clients, contractors, vendors and architects; which lead to beautiful homes filled with the character + reflections of our clients. We pride ourselves in being open + transparent when it comes to our clients’ budgets, schedules + design goals.

      Darlene + her husband bring more than 10 years of combined experienced in the design + building industry to the table. From building high-end commercial interiors, completely renovating homes to executing a small room makeover, we’ve built a network of trusted partners that help us execute every project to perfection.


01 / Full Service Interior Design

Our core service, DC-ID Full Service Interior Design, provides completely customized design, implementation and project management from our team.


We coordinate your entire project from start to finish and are with you for each and every step of the process. Whether you’d like the load completely removed from your shoulders or would still like to participate in the design process, we are always happy to accommodate your requests. This service may be used for projects of all sizes; from simply re-furnishing your family room to a complete home remodel and even new home construction.

02 / DC-ID À la Carte

Completely customized to suit your individual style and needs, DC-ID à la carte is perfect if you’d like to execute your project on your own timeline.


We communicate with you electronically to assemble a detailed, complete design that is delivered to your door. We then hand the reigns over to you and you execute the design on your own timeline.

03 / DC-ID Foundations

If you’re working with a builder and need help selecting finishes for your new home or renovation, DC-ID Foundations is perfect for you. 


We help you avoid costly finish faux pas and work with you to choose the perfect finishes, fixtures + equipment for your new home.


We can't wait to work with you on your next project.