Creating a Home that Inspires you
to Live your BEST LIFE



At DC-ID our goal is always to create spaces that are a direct reflection of our clients. Everyone needs a space to call home and that space should mirror aspects of your character and personality. This is essential to fostering true comfort, relaxation and feeling safe in your home. 

The most important part of our job is to form a deep connection with our clients from the very first time we meet. We try to pick up on small cues about their daily habits – type A or type B personality? Lounger or perfect posture keeper? Reader or TV watcher. These things help me form an in-depth profile that is then directly channeled into the design of their space. Almost every time we deliver a space my clients are blown away by how ‘at home’ they feel. 

When folks hire designers (or embark on the home design journey themselves) they often fear that the end product may feel like a showroom design that is beautiful but not personal. Our goal is always to bridge that gap and deliver amazingly beautiful spaces that perfectly capture the character and essence of what makes you, you! Believe it or not, this also inspires creativity and promotes comfort, well-being and a healthy, happy life!

Here are some quick questions that help determine your personal style:

  • Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  • What’s my favorite restaurant? Why do I like it so much?
  • What are my favorite outfits? (Trust me! This question probably helps more than any other that we ask of our clients)
  • Do I prefer to shop big box or at independent small businesses where I can find unique and personal treasures?
  • Do I like to feel relaxed at home or inspired to work...or both?!

There are endless more questions you can ask that help you hone in on the things that make your home truly yours. 

Need help with your home? You can reach our team here. Talk soon!

Darlene Chimaliro